SecurIT 2019: In an increasingly-encrypted world, visibility is more important than ever

Just as many CSOs are focused on automating their organisational threat response, many others are focused on improving their visibility of network traffic – which, with encryption increasingly used to protect legitimate application traffic and obfuscate malware command-and-control (C&C) traffic, has become ever more difficult to do. Visibility was the topic of an engaging panel […]


SecurIT 2019: Being a CSO is like Game of Thrones

With the threat climate continuing unabated, the impact of increasing volumes of attacks – and increasing pressure to stop them – has taken its own toll on CSOs who, iOOF Holdings head of cybersecurity and technology risk Ashutosh Kapsé noted, suffer from high burnout rates, job-related physical and mental health issues, loss of a sense […]


SecurIT 2019: Hackers may be in it for Lulz, but CSOs are in it for their lives

Big businesses may spend more on security but their complexity makes them easier to hack, a former teenage hacker told an audience of big-business CSOs in opening up a day of insights at CSO Australia’s SecurIT conference this month. More than 120 security executives attended the inaugural Melbourne event, which brought together a range of […]


Despite high-profile hacks, companies still aren’t behaving securely: ex-LulzSec hacker

A CEO’s poor password hygiene enabled an escalating series of attacks that capped off a 50-day hacking spree that sent several members of hacking group LulzSec to jail and caused significant financial and reputational damage for companies like Fox News, US broadcasters Fox News and PBS, and Sony’s PlayStation Network. Those and other companies, the […]


Researchers probe shady, dangerous stalkerware app industry

The stakerware industry — which often markets spyware apps for as tools for parents to monitor kids via smartphones — has been treated to a thorough investigation by researchers at Citizen Lab of the University of Toronto.  The researchers from IT, security, legal and human rights disciplines, are calling for changes to be made by […]

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SecurIT 2019: In an increasingly-encrypted world, visibility is more important than ever