Microsoft’s Chromium Edge beta emerges along with a new $30k top prize bounty

Credit: ID 120411268 © Bundit Minramun | Microsoft has kicked off a new bug bounty for its Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser and is offering researchers up to $30,000 per bug for reporting issues.  Microsoft says it aimed to “complement” Google’s existing Chrome Vulnerability Reward Program, which also offers a top payout of $30,000 for […]


Week in security: Are cybercriminals getting ready to storm the BlueKeep?

Credit: ID 143074217 © Maryvalery | Australian government cybersecurity experts were practically screaming at system administrators to patch the BlueKeep vulnerability, which Microsoft has warned could be exploited to inflict widespread damage in the vein of WannaCry. Microsoft’s August security update reflected the urgency of fixing that problem, with the 93 addressed including four […]


GitHub token scanning comes to Alibaba, AWS, Azure, Google and more

Credit: ID 155364515 © Mars-Production | Microsoft-owned GitHub has expanded its token scanning service for identifying exposed developer credentials, bringing to several major cloud firms that provide access tokens.  GitHub’s new token scanning partners include Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Mailgun, npm, Slack, Stripe, and Twilio.  GitHub already scans for its own OAuth […]


Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to take your data. Are you ready for them?

Loading the player … Despite images that cybercrime is something perpetrated by a few rogue outsiders, research shows many cybercriminal organisations to be sophisticated multinationals whose mission statement is simple: make money by stealing your data. Just as in your own company, iterative and agile software development is helping their developers develop, test, and deploy […]


Google Chrome password study: 25% users ignored a breached password alert

Credit: Dreamstime A quarter of users don’t change their passwords, even if they are told that the password they’re using for an account has been compromised, according to a Google study.  Google has released the results of its study into password behavior derived from data it collected from 670,000 users who’d installed its Chrome extension, Password […]

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