Attackers place cryptojacking apps in the Microsoft App Store

In January, security researchers from Symantec found cryptomining applications in the Microsoft App Store, but they were published in the store between April and December 2018. It’s not clear how many users downloaded or installed the apps, but they had almost 1,900 user ratings. [ Get inside the mind of a hacker, learn their motives […]


Data breaches exposed 5 billion records in 2018.

The number of publicly known data breaches decreased last year compared to 2017, despite harsher breach notification rules going into effect in Europe. The number of compromised sensitive records also went down by more than a third, from 7.9 billion records to around 5 billion. [ How much does a data breach cost? Here’s where […]


Users are still terrible with passwords, but popularity of security apps suggests they want to get better

Credit: ID 113724543 © Zdenek Sasek | End users have terrible password-management practices but the popularity of security apps suggests their companies are at least trying to change their habits, according to a new survey of application usage. Almost 40 percent of 1200 knowledge workers participating in a Qualtrics survey, conducted as part of […]


Business email compromise attacks surge as ransomware trails off

Credit: ID 127607827 © Microvone | Growing success with business email compromise (BEC) attacks has spurred cybercriminals to redouble their efforts, with new figures showing that BEC volumes surged to record highs in the last quarter of 2018. The number of such attacks – in which an attacker emulates a trusted superior or co-worker […]


Dating site Coffee MeetsBagel warns Aussie users of data breach on Valentines Day

Credit: ID 91722918 © Farbentek | A data breach alert is not the message singles want to hear on Valentine’s Day, but that’s what dating site CoffeeMeetsBagel sent to millions of its users on Thursday, in a message warning that their account details were part of a massive cache being sold on an underground […]

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Attackers place cryptojacking apps in the Microsoft App Store

Data breaches exposed 5 billion records in 2018.

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