Australians pessimistic that cybersecurity skills gap will be closed within a decade

Despite an ongoing flurry of new cybersecurity training initiatives hitting the market, Australian and New Zealand cybersecurity professionals are among the world’s least optimistic that the cybersecurity skills gap will be filled over the next decade. Just 14 percent of the Oceania respondents responding to ISACA’s Technology Landscape of the 2020s survey said they believe […]


Microsoft: these are the most cunning phishing attacks we spotted in 2019

Using Google Search, 404 error phishing login pages, MitM to co-opt legit logos   Microsoft saw phishing attacks reach new heights of creativity and sophistication in 2019. The company has revealed the most cunning phishing attacks it spotted this year targeting Office 365 users around the globe this year.  The three new techniques that made Microsoft’s most creative […]


Yubico : A CSO Subscriber Christmas Giveaway

Credit: Yubico provided Follow @CSO_Australia, Comment on what you want to hear about in 2020 using #yubikeycso to go into the draw to win 1 of 2 Yubikeys. About Yubico Yubico, the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys, is giving away two Media Experience Packs valued at AU$170 each. Enclosed in the Media Experience […]


Australia’s best female secure coder is “weirdly passionate” about DevSecOps

Credit: Hannah Mckelvie Hannah McKelvie still isn’t sure who nominated her for the award she won – Australia’s Best Female Secure Coder for 2019 – but the Perth-based manager was happy to take one for the team. It has been that team, after all, that has responded enthusiastically to her efforts to formalise DevSecOps practices […]


Australians worry about data security but remain blasé about behaving securely

Credit: ID 123787288 © Fandijki | Nearly all Australian consumers are conducting financial transactions online but almost half don’t know how to protect themselves online or simply can’t be bothered, according to a study of consumer attitudes that confirms many users are leaving themselves wide open to potential compromise. Some 94 percent of the […]

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