CSO Webinar | The Future of Cybersecurity Strategy: Lessons from the Pentagon

Loading the player … Nation-state attacks have reshaped the threat landscape by unleashing directed, motivated and well-resourced cybercriminal actors on the world stage. But the threat they pose isn’t only directed at foreign governments: with critical infrastructure and data repositories in attackers’ sights, every enterprise needs to protect itself from this new form of cyber […]


Google+ leak affects 52 million users and G Suite users

Credit: ID 124086590 © Konstantin Mihail | Google has disclosed another privacy leak from Google+, this time affecting millions of users, and now says it will push forward the shutdown forward from August to April.  Today, Google revealed that another bug in its social network that exposed private details of 52.5 million Google+ users, […]


Microsoft’s big Windows Defender ATP update: bad macros, fileless malware and faster response

Microsoft has released new feature updates to Windows Defender ATP for the enterprise that aimed at reducing the attack surface and giving security teams faster response capabilities.   The updates, detailed today, beef up Defender ATP feature “attack surface reduction” with two new rules that allow enterprise to prevent Outlook and Adobe Reader from creating […]


Singapore’s central bank launches S$30 million cybersecurity grant for finance sector

Credit: Shownen Kang The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced this week the launch of a S$30 million (US$41 million) Cybersecurity Capabilities Grant to strengthen the cyber resilience of the financial sector in Singapore and help financial institutions develop local talent in cybersecurity. According to a recent report by AT Kearney, cyber risks could obstruct […]


Huawei security fears – paranoia, blowback, or both?

Credit: Martyn Williams BT has made the decision to strip the equipment of Huawei from its core EE 4G network amidst growing security concerns about the Chinese telecom giant’s critical infrastructure footprint. Can – or should – any blame be laid on Huawei, or is this a result of paranoia, projection, or a severe lack of […]

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CSO Webinar | The Future of Cybersecurity Strategy: Lessons from the Pentagon

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Google+ leak affects 52 million users and G Suite users

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