ANZ companies don’t even know what data they’re storing in the cloud

Credit: ID 131983322 © Tzogia Kappatou |

More than 80 percent of companies are suffering security and compliance risks due to poorly defined and inadequate data-management policies, according to new research that blames poor management of ‘dark data’ for a host of enterprise inefficiencies.

Fully 83 percent of the more than 1500 IT decision-makers – surveyed across 15 countries in a recent Vanson Bourne-Veritas report – said that their ability to ensure data compliance had been impacted by data management issues, while 82 percent said those issues had impacted their ability to manage data security and risk.

Data-management challenges included having too many different tools and systems in use (named by 40 percent of respondents); having too many data sources to make sense of (38 percent); lack of a centralised strategy for data management (35 percent); and lacking the right skills or technologies (34 percent).

Some 26 percent admitted being unable to back up and recover data reliably, while 21 percent simply don’t know where all of their data is located.

This had fuelled a situation where 52 percent of Australian and New Zealand companies’ enterprise data remains untagged and unclassified. The situation was even worse in relation to cloud data, with 65 percent of ANZ companies admitting they have classified less than half the data stored in public cloud systems.