archTIS turns top-secret data success into global growth trajectory

Credit: ID 117515775 © Aquir |

Issues around data security and access have become increasingly important but most companies’ solutions “don’t understand the depth of the problem,” warns the CEO of an Australian software provider whose ASX listing this week marks the beginning of a rapid expansion phase.

Too many companies had tried to retrofit data control mechanisms on top of existing data solutions but Canberra-based archTIS learned years ago that the only way to effectively manage data with high granularity was to build low-level, enforceable controls into the data-management platform from the beginning.

That’s the core conceit of archTIS’s Kojensi platform, which emerged over a decade ago as the company began pushing its technology to a base of government and military customers that have embraced the tool for managing top-secret data.

Kojensi’s attribute-based access control (ABAC) design allows data access to be tied to particular user-set permissions that enable data owners to restrict access to their data based on a range of criteria other than just a username and password.

“Instead of looking at open collaboration tools and content systems, we had to build one with the security model embedded at the base of it and build on top of that,” CEO and executive director Daniel Lai told CSO Australia.