How to hack your own Wi-Fi network

One way to bolster your understanding of Wi-Fi security is to do some hacking yourself. That doesn’t mean you should infiltrate a company’s network or snoop on a neighbor’s setup. Rather, ethical hacking and legitimate Wi-Fi penetration testing – done in cooperation with the network owner – can help you learn more about the strengths […]


Asus infects millions of laptops in a poisoned update

Asus computer owners may need to run a malware scan today after researchers revealed that the company’s official Asus Live Update Utility software was compromised by attackers and distributed through its official website.  The trojanized Asus utility was discovered by researchers at Russian security firm Kaspersky, which reported on Monday that 57,000 of its own […]


Apple and Oprah are ready for battle

By Chris Schulz* Opinion – “There has never been a moment quite like this one,” declared Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey at the Steve Jobs Theatre during the announcement of Apple’s new streaming service. Photo: AP As eyes welled up and chins rested on fists, the cultural icon discussed “positive change” and “common goals,” mentioned “illuminating […]


Ferrari P80/C is an extreme interpretation of the sports prototype

Ferrari makes some incredible cars and as fast and exclusive as a normal Ferrari is, for some very wealthy buyers off the rack is never good enough. For these buyers, Ferrari will build one of a kind creations. The latest one-off from Ferrari is the P80/C, and it is hailed as the most extreme one […]


All-Female space walk canceled due to spacesuit availability

Astronauts on the ISS often venture out into the vacuum of space to conduct various tasks. A series of spacewalks was set to happen that would see astronauts work outside the space station for multiple hours in a series of three walks. The first in the series was completed on March 22 by Nick Hague […]


Magic Leap NBA app puts up multiple virtual screens in your room

Virtual and augmented reality are most often associated with games but that dismisses too easily the non-gaming applications of the technology. One of the most common is the ability to put up more screens than you can have room or budget for actual physical monitors. AR company Magic Leap has taken that idea and made […]


Galaxy Fold is coming to Europe

When Samsung puts out new and sometimes experimental phones, it usually doesn’t make them available to all markets. Often, it limits the reach to Korea and the US. That leaves some to fend for themselves by buying through third-parties and retailers. Europeans need not be green with envy over Samsung’s latest expensive prototype this time […]


Sony RX0 II claims smallest 4K compact camera title

When people talk about compact cameras, they usually mean the now phone-sized digital boxes that are starting to be displaced by smartphones. Back in 2017, however, Sony tried to redefine compact to really mean compact, like action camera size compact. That was the RX0, which set its lens on GoPro’s dwindling market share. A year […]


‘ShadowHammer’ infects Asus PCs through its Asus Live Update utility

Over 57,000 users, and possibly up to a million, have downloaded and installed a version of the Asus Live Update utility that was poisoned with a backdoor and hosted on the official Asus servers. What security vendor Kaspersky is calling ShadowHammer was actually a targeted attack at a small number of users.  (The investigation is still […]


Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted arrives on PS VR this spring

Five Nights at Freddy’s, the point-and-click survival horror game that exploded in popularity a few years ago, is coming to PlayStation VR. Sony revealed the plan as part of its PlayStation announcements today, explaining that PS VR players will get access to Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted starting this spring, presenting them with […]