IoT security is getting worse, not better: researchers

Credit: Illustration 149861933 © Aliaksandra Sitkouslaya – Manufacturers of network equipment may be claiming better security in their Internet of Things (IoT) devices, but those claims have been refuted during new testing of 13 small-office home office (SOHO) routers and networked-storage devices that identified 125 new vulnerabilities. The work, conducted by security-testing firm Independent […]


Mediawatch: Sparks fly over streaming the Rugby World Cup

We haven’t been this twitchy about tech since Y2K. Spark took a gamble by buying the World Cup broadcast rights and offering live streaming coverage to subscribers. It sparked a flood of sceptical – sometimes hostile – media coverage, but the bigger picture is the future of sport on screen. Hawkes Bay Today puts its […]


NASA is testing ARADS rover with a fancy drill for deep

NASA has announced that it is testing a new tool that may one day head to Mars to help with the search for life on the Red Planet. The tool is attached to a rover being tested in the Atacama Desert in Chile called ARADS. The tool being tested is a drill that is meant […]


Apple Find My apps hidden Items tab reinforce Tag rumors

At its iPhone event last week, there was one particular rumor that Apple didn’t bring to life. The company was believed to be working on a product that will rival the popular Tile tracker but that was nowhere to be seen. It might, however, still be on the table and might just be a matter […]


Surface Pen could charge wirelessly soon

Microsoft will have a big Surface event in a few weeks and, naturally, much of the discussion has been around its Surface computers. Some even hope that it will finally show a much-awaited dual-screen device. There is also a small chance of new Surface accessories and it seems that one of the more exciting ones […]


Vivo V17 Pro puts two cameras in a single popup

Vivo can probably be both blamed and credit for the creation of a new breed of phones that hide their front cameras in an elevating mechanism. Although it didn’t exactly become a trend that bigger OEMs copied, phones with popup cameras have proliferated, especially among the Chinese manufacturers. With that many popup cameras popping up […]


Twitter users in the US and Japan can now hide replies

Twitter, especially with its original 140-character limit was meant as a way for people to share thoughts in short, brief bursts. It, however, exploded into a social networking phenomenon that constantly tried to break out of the platform’s imposed limits. The social network recently doubled the character limit to 280 but that only increased a […]


Study: Bug bounties ‘often inefficient and expensive’

A study by code analysis firm Veracode has found most security researchers are driven by bug fixes and not payment, bringing into question the bug bounty model.  While it’s true that a handful of researchers who report security issues through bounty programs like HackerOne have earned $1 million over a few years, the bug bounty […]


Apex Legends Season 3 detailed: Release date, new Legend and rewards

Respawn Entertainment is gearing up to release the third season for its free battle royale game Apex Legends, the company announced today. The third season will bring a new battle pass, as well as a new Legend recently teased in the game, a new firearm, and more. The game remains free to download and play; […]


YouTube is making it much harder for channels to get verified

As with certain social media platforms, YouTube makes it possible for some users to become ‘verified,’ a status that is meant to ensure that viewers can tell the channel they’re looking for from others that may be impersonating it. Channel verification isn’t going away, but YouTube has revealed big criteria changes related to it, ones […]