Pixel 4 cameras made it too easy to spot in the wild again

Many OEMs try their best to prevent their products from leaks, which is pretty impossible this day and age. Phone makers even go through the pains of putting an “anti-leak” case on the device. Unfortunately, such a case does no good when your phone has a distinctive design that makes it stand out even from […]


Windows 10 will now warn users if their version will soon be unsupported

Even before it had a chance to fully roll out, Windows 10 was already lambasted for how it nagged users to upgrade to Microsoft’s latest but not so greatest. That may now be in the past but it seems that Redmond has found another way to notify users that the version of Windows 10 they’re […]


HTC Wildfire E to revive forgotten brand in Russia

HTC is one of the embattled smartphone companies that just refuses to say “Uncle!”. Year after year, it puts out smartphones that fail to reach sales targets. Despite rumors that it’s winding down its mobile business or focusing on niche markets with its Exodus blockchain phone, the company keeps putting on a strong face. It […]


Xiaomi Mi A3 is Chinese OEM’s next Android One phone

Xiaomi phones have always sold like pancakes in China but it has had a harder time gaining traction in other markets. Part of that is due to Xiaomi’s custom MIUI interface that may not appeal to markets outside of China. Surprisingly, the company recently jumped on the Android One program and it wasn’t even just […]


NASA funds Archinaut One to 3D print spacecraft components in space

Space exploration missions and rocket launches may be exciting but they’re also terribly expensive. Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are in a race to make launching spacecraft cheaper by reusing rockets but that’s just one aspect of the whole business. Assembling spaceships themselves takes up not just time and money but also space. One […]


Fortnite’s massive robot grows, hinting at season 9 finale

In recent weeks, Fortnite‘s Pressure Plant (the new destination inside of the volcanic crater) opened to reveal the previously leaked Robot Factory. Though the opening didn’t do anything significant at the time, players were presented with the legs of a huge robot currently under construction. As of the most recent update, the robot is almost […]


Space Invaders movie tipped in the pipeline at New Line Cinema

For some reason, New Line has decided to turn the classic 70s arcade game Space Invaders into a movie, according to a new report. The production studio, which is owned by Warner Bros., has reportedly tapped Greg Russo to write a script for the alleged movie, potentially ushering in the latest theatrical release revolving around […]


Overwatch will automatically end matches when it detects cheaters

Blizzard plans to take its anti-cheating efforts to a new level and will start automatically ending matches where a cheater is detected. The change was revealed in Blizzard’s July 2019 developer update, where the game’s director Jeff Kaplan explained how the new anti-cheating effort will work. Though game matches will automatically end, regular players who […]


Impossible Foods is working on a plant-based fish product

Impossible Foods, the company behind the Impossible Burger, is using its food technology to create a new fish product. The project involves heme protein, the same used for the company’s existing ‘meat’ product, and it aims to introduce a meatless alternative to existing fish products on the market. Questions remain over whether consumers are interested […]


World Cup coverage highlights off-pitch inequality

The Black Caps are in the Cricket World Cup final this weekend in England a week after the Women’s World Cup of football finished in France. Women were not left on the sidelines in the media coverage of both tournaments which highlighted inequalities and big-picture issues off the field. Hold the front page – for two World […]