Prediction #2: Adversaries to Generate Deepfakes to Bypass Facial Recognition

Credit: ID 142202786 © Tawatdchai Muelae | Computer-based facial recognition, in its earliest forms, has been around since the mid-1960s. While dramatic changes have since taken place, the underlying concept remains: it provides a means for a computer to identify or verify a face. There are many use cases for the technology, most related […]


Prediction #1: Broader Deepfakes Capabilities for Less-skilled Threat Actors

Credit: ID 159236290 © Tawatdchai Muelae | The ability to create manipulated content is not new. Manipulated images were used as far back as World War II in campaigns designed to make people believe things that weren’t true. What’s changed with the advances in artificial intelligence is you can now build a very convincing […]


iPhone 12 with Qualcomm in-display fingerprint scanner makes no sense

Qualcomm just recently announced the evolution of its 3D ultrasonic fingerprint scanning technology and, truth be told, we did find it to be a huge step forward. 3D Sonic Max, as it is called, checks off almost all the complaints that real-world users had with it on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10, at […]


BMW CarPlay integration now offered for free after backlash

New cad models these days are almost expected to have one form of integration with mobile ecosystems or another. That means either letting users hook up to a manufacturer’s proprietary system or directly integrating Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Just because it’s expected doesn’t mean it has to come for free, which is the rather […]


Google Nest Hub ultrasound sensing will make reminders readable from a distance

Smart displays are great at showing information like the weather, schedules, recipes, or even just the time. Unlike clocks, however, these were primarily designed to be used up close and personal, making it harder to actually make out what’s on the screen at a distance. That’s no problem for people with better eyesight or more […]


Nintendo Switch Online finally expands SNES roster, includes Star Fox 2

One of the perks of Nintendo’s Switch Online service is access to a roster of classic Nintendo titles that were promised to grow every month. That, however, mysteriously stopped after the introduction of SNES titles back in September. Worry not because Nintendo has finally announced the addition of new games to the Switch Online list […]


Google Fiber removes 100Mbps offer for new subscribers

When Google Fiber launched in 2010, it was regarded as insane or just another one of Google’s short-lived experiments. After all, who needed 1 Gbps Internet anyway? That was, of course, just a little after Netflix launched and before it became the household name that it is today. Fast-forward nine years later, a gigabit Internet […]


Controversial Otago Daily Times cartoon: ‘We got it wrong’

Protesters outside the Otago Daily Times offices yesterday. Photo: RNZ / Tim Brown Garrick Tremain’s cartoon making light of the measles epidemic was labelled racist and insensitive and the paper is to cease publishing his work until a review of his future with the publication is completed. About 40 people gathered outside the Otago Daily […]


Qualcomm’s big new fingerprint sensor is a huge improvement: Hands-on

As anybody who has tried an in-display fingerprint sensor will have discovered, not all biometrics are created equal, and Qualcomm is hoping its new 3D Sonic Max system edges ahead of the pack. Set to debut on smartphones in 2020, the latest generation of the ultrasonic fingerprint biometrics aims to re-right the ship after frustrations […]


Instagram will soon use age to offer tailored app experiences

Starting next year, Instagram says that some of its users will start seeing app experiences tailored to their age group, a move that is largely intended to help protect the platform’s youngest users. The revelation is part of a larger announcement concerning changes coming to the service, another of which includes the new requirement for […]