Is it an elixir? Is it a bottle? No, it’s a wireless charger

Wireless charging stations aren’t exactly the most attractive pieces of tech, so it’s hardly surprising that one smarthome company has come up with an entirely new look for them. Gloo looks something like a cross between a bottle of elixir (or milk, or potion) and actually doubles as an ‘ambient light source’. So basically it’s […]


Sony announces 25 percent off 3 months of PlayStation Plus membership

If you want to keep playing PS4 games online, you may be interested in getting 3 months worth of PlayStation Plus while the price is low.  Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that you can get a 3 months subscription of PlayStation Plus membership for 25 percent off the normal price. This offer is only […]


World of Tanks: Mercenaries is available now for PS4 and Xbox One

A new expansion called World of Tanks: Mercenaries is out now and is available for you to own on Xbox One and PS4 console. Aside from the Xbox One and PS4 consoles, the game is also still available for you to play on Xbox 360 as well. The best part about the game is the […]


Wi-Fi security gets a major update, but experts warn it’s not big enough

The Wi-Fi Alliance, the organization that steers the Wi-Fi standard, has announced a new program for certifying Wi-Fi products that support WPA3, a newer and more secure protocol to WPA2, but your WPA3 certified device might only more secure than today’s devices in one aspect. WPA3 could be a huge update to Wi-Fi security, by […]


Tesla Model 3 price cuts make the EV more affordable

Tesla has announced that the price is getting more affordable on some versions of the Model 3 EV. It didn’t cut the pricing with fanfare, it quietly chopped the price and said nothing about it. The cuts were on the dual-motor Model 3 optional and on the Performance version of the car. The dual-motor version […]


Huawei commits to bi-monthly updates to Android smartphones

One of the biggest complaints users have with their Android phones is the slow rollout of updates, even critical security ones. But while Samsung may be the scapegoat among OEMs, it is hardly the only guilty one. Most Chinese smartphone makers are just as bad but don’t get much coverage. Attempting to buck the trend, […]


Google Calendar features remind you to take breaks

It may have been overshadowed by the Duplex AI media frenzy, but one of Google’s strongest topics in this year’s I/O developers conference was on Digital Wellbeing. A concern echoed this month at Apple’s own WWDC, tech companies are now raising awareness on how their own products could inevitably lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Ahead […]


Vivo Time-of-Flight 3D sensing tech challenges Apple Face ID

Vivo has some crazy ideas and it’s not afraid to use them. It wasn’t content to put an in-display fingerprint scanner on the Vivo X20 UD, it had to turn half the screen into one as well. Plus, it moved the front camera out of the bezel and into a motorized sliding popup. It might […]


Instagram Lite sneaks into Android

Instagram has had a very busy month. From new features like IGTV and video chat to letting anyone take screenshots of Stories, the social network giant is making splashes left and right. Which makes the silent arrival of its Instagram Lite app on Google Play Store a bit puzzling. The app, after all, is carefully […]


Kiwis, it’s time to ditch the loose change and go cashless, says MYOB

Ten years from now cash and ATMs as we know them could be extinct as the cashless economy becomes well entrenched in everyday life. At least that’s what 36% 400 Kiwi SMBs believe, according to new research from MYOB. But other respondents say it may take a bit more time, as 42% believe it will […]