NHTSA Tesla Model 3 crash test videos will make you wince

Not long ago we talked a bit about the high crash test ratings that the Tesla Model 3 had received from the NHTSA during the crash testing for the EV. Crash test videos always make us wince, they’re, after all, crushing cool cars that have never really had a life. Tesla’s cheapest EV earned 5-star […]


ZTE nubia X to bring its dual back-to-back screens this month

While much of the smartphone market is fussing over three or four cameras, notches, and elevating tops, ZTE’s sub-brand nubia is doing something equally eccentric of its own. We have heard of a so-called nubia Z18S a few months back, bearing quite an unusual solution to all these smartphone design problems. It seems nubia wasn’t […]


Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 is the chip that would have been the 855

The 810 came after the 800 and the 820 came after the 810. You’d expect that the series would go 830 then 840. Qualcomm, however, jump from 820 to 835 to 845. The next one after that will be 8150. Confused yet? You won’t be alone but that might be the marketing that Qualcomm will […]


Pokemon GO prepares for Sinnoh with important changes

Pokemon GO is still going strong but, like any game, it has its periods of ups and downs. The game might soon be experiencing another spurt of popularity now that developer Niantic Labs has confirmed what many players have been expecting since April. The game will soon be “moving” towards the Sinnoh region, though at […]


Galaxy S10 three models confirmed by Chinese certification

This month will probably see more new smartphones come to market than last month’s IFA, but for Samsung fans, the show is mostly over and they’re setting their sights on next year’s flagship. Unless Samsung does an Apple, that is expected to be simply called the Galaxy S10. Not only that, it might have three […]


Microsoft patches 0-day Windows flaw under attack

Microsoft has released a patch for a Windows elevation of privilege flaw that it says is being exploited. The flaw, tracked as CVE-2018-8543, is in the Win32k component of Windows and could be used to run malicious code in kernel mode, allowing an attacker to install programs, modify data, and create new accounts with full […]


Cyber bullying: The growing menace costing NZ $444m

Online bullying comes with a massive financial burden. Photo: 123rf A new report by economist Shamubeel Eaqub has found cyber bullying costs the country $444 million a year. It’s the first report that puts a financial figure on the social cost of being bullied, harassed and threatened online. The report – commissioned by Netsafe – […]


Study finds fish with hook injuries struggle to eat after release

New research out of the University of California, Riverside, highlights a potential issue with catch-and-release fishing, a sport in which anglers catch a fish, but then release it back into the water without killing it. The act of removing the hook, researchers say, may have a serious impact on the fish’s future ability to eat. […]


Windows 10 file-deleting October 2018 update re-released as Microsoft reaction wows

Last week, Microsoft put the brakes on its Windows 10 October 2018 version 1809 update after some reports of post-update data loss. In addition to pulling the update, Microsoft kicked off an investigation into the matter, ultimately finding the problem. Now it has re-released the update, fixing the issue while shedding some light on how […]


This 2020 Ford Bronco rumor has us drooling in anticipation

Our biggest fear about the 2020 Ford Bronco was simple: Ford would deliver the name, but not the soul, of the Bronco, and the whole thing would be a horrible branding exercise. Consider us tentatively excited, therefore, to discover that one of the most appealing features for a car enthusiast could well be appearing on […]