Virgin Galactic plans Italy spaceport for future space travelers

Richard Branson’s space company Virgin Galactic has announced a new deal that with bring spaceflights to Italy, where the company plans to build a spaceport for future suborbital launches. The company is keeping its headquarters in New Mexico, where it has its Spaceport America facility. ENAC, Italy’s aviation authority, has already chosen a location for […]


TwitchCon 2018 online ticket sales start, on-site prices revealed

Tickets for TwitchCon 2018 are now available to purchase. The company launched sales today for the event that starts October 26 in California. Sales are offered online through the TwitchCon website, where multiple options are provided. Those interested in keeping costs down can get single ticket starting at $89 USD, but there’s also a three-day […]


Stylish extension pulled after tracking users’ full web browsing habits

A popular extension downloaded more than two million times has been pulled from browser app stores after a major security issue was discovered. The app, called Stylish, was used to modify the design of websites, such as altering images, turning bright backgrounds dark, and altering unwanted elements. Unfortunately, the browser extension was also extensively tracking […]


2019 Subaru Impreza priced up: More tech, more safety

Subaru has priced up the 2019 Impreza, nudging up the sticker by $100 but still sneaking onto dealerships forecourts at under $19k. Pricing for both the Impreza sedan and 5-door has been confirmed, along with new active safety features like Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology. That uses a set of dual color cameras, mounted up […]


Galaxy S10: Everything we found out this week

Today we’re having a peek at everything we learned about the Samsung Galaxy S10 this whole past week. Samsung hasn’t yet revealed the device in full – nor in part, really – but we’re already deep in the leaks. The earliest this device is going to be revealed is February, and we’ve already got a […]


UK to open a London court specializing in cybercrime

The UK has announced a new “flagship” court that has been designed to tackle cybercrime, fraud and economic crime.  The new 18 courtroom legal centre will be located at Fleetbank House, near Fleet Street, home to London’s once thriving publishing and newspaper industry.  The new building will replace the aging civil court, as well as […]


Honda’s Mean Mower V2 aims for 150 mph

Honda has unveiled its latest version of the insane contraption called the Mean Mower. Mean Mower V2 is aiming for a top speed of 150mph and was built by Team Dynamics, Honda’s British Touring car Championship partner. This second iteration is a faster and meaner version of the original from 2014. While being insanely fast, […]


LG G7 ThinQ Review: sounds better than it looks

Although it is not exactly in dire straits like, say, HTC, LG has had a rough few quarters. For 2018, it supposedly went back to the drawing board and would be focusing on a few but key premium models. The latter resulted in at least four V series variants in the past 7 or so […]


Google vs PlayStation, Xbox: what it needs to win in gaming

Google has a presence in almost every aspect of our digital lives, from Internet services to smartphones to digital content distribution to connected homes. But one thing it has not yet fully sunk its teeth into is gaming. Yes, Android has mobile games but, so far, Google has been rather detached from them. Rumors, however, […]


OnePlus makes good on some promises, still working on others

One of the benefits of being a small phone maker, with a comparatively smaller customers base, is that you can move more quickly than giant companies. OnePlus is taking advantage of that agility by holding “Open Ear Forums”, face-to-face meetups with its fans and customers, where it hears their complaints and wishes. Proving that it […]