Microsoft brings Edge’s Defender browser protection to Google’s Chrome

Microsoft in what appears to be a move to promote its un-loved Edge browser has released the Windows Defender Browser Protection extension for Chrome.  Chrome already has Google’s Safe Browsing technology to warn users against visiting phishing and malware sites, so there doesn’t seem to be much reason for Microsoft to release a Chrome add-on […]


34 tech heavyweights stand strong: Protecting the globe from cyber threats

Thirty four of the world’s biggest tech companies have vowed to provide all customers across the globe from malicious cyber attacks from criminals and nation states. The Cybersecurity Tech Accord features the likes of CA Technologies, HP, HPE, Microsoft, FireEye, Oracle, RSA, Facebook, LinkedIn and Dell. The companies pledge commitments in four separate areas: Stronger defence […]


Lack of security skills has become a drag on Australia’s digital transformation

A lack of cybersecurity skills has forced more than half of Australian IT decision-makers to slow down their cloud rollouts, according to new research that has redoubled the urgency of strategies for building and deploying Australia’s cybersecurity capabilities. The rush to the cloud was slowing across the board, according to a new McAfee survey of […]


As Australia condemns Russian cyber attacks, experts demand clarity on offensive capabilities

Allegations that Russia has been actively probing millions of routers worldwide – supported by the US, UK and Australian governments – lend currency to calls by ASPI for Australia to consider developing an offensive “asymmetric capability” that would see it proactively launching cyber attacks against other countries. The policy brief – developed in conjunction with […]


Microsoft rallies industry to counter government cyberattacks

Microsoft, Facebook, Cisco, Dell and 30 other companies have announced a new Cybersecurity Tech Accord, committing themselves to protecting internet users from  cybercriminals to state-backed hackers.  The accord is a collective response by tech giants, security firms and industrial firms to major cyberattacks over the last year. Participants have vowed not to assist governments launch […]


PM checking if Russian hacking hit NZ

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is checking whether New Zealand has been hit by a fresh wave of global cyber attacks, she says. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaks at the Chancellery in Berlin at a news conference held with German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday. Photo: AFP / Emmanuele Contini / NurPhoto The United States, Britain and […]


Review: God of War is another masterpiece on PS4

The God of War series started way back in 2005 when it debuted on the PS2. The series was a hack-n-slash franchise using a fixed camera and lots of quick time events (QTEs). Well the new God of War on PS4 is both a sequel and a reboot that takes the series into the new […]


34% of polled Kiwis & 27% of Aussies ready to delete Facebook after data breach

The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data breach has shown the world just how important data is to individuals and the organisations that collect it – and what can happen when things go wrong. The recent scandal affected more than 87 million users, at least 63,000 of whom were reportedly from New Zealand and 310,000 from […]


How NZ businesses aim to future-proof their fleets with EVs

With a global commitment towards minimising carbon emissions, New Zealand businesses are increasingly embracing more sustainable transport options to get their employees from A to B. Driveline, one of New Zealand’s leading specialist vehicle leasing and finance companies, says businesses are safeguarding their future by adding a small number of electric vehicles (EVs) to their […]