8BitDo NES Classic wireless controller is perfect for the mini console’s relaunch

In case you haven’t already heard, Nintendo released new shipments of the NES Classic Edition this week, the first since the mini console’s debut in 2016. If you managed to place an order in time, or were lucky enough to grab one over a year ago, there’s a new controller you should know about. The […]


Fortnite Playground update: don’t expect it to relaunch this weekend

Epic Games briefly launched the anticipated Playground mode, a training grounds map where players could compete against just friends, practice building, test different weapons, and more. The Playground was available for less than an hour before Epic pulled the mode, citing unforeseen bugs as the cause. The company has been working hard to relaunch it, […]


Verizon offers military families cheaper unlimited and prepaid Mastercard

Verizon has some new perks just for military families, the most notable being cheaper unlimited lines to help everyone stay in touch. The carrier announced the new rate today, explaining that families with an active military service member, veteran or similar can get the Verizon Go Unlimited plan for $30/line, depending on the number of […]


T-Mobile Galaxy S7 and S7 edge Android Oreo update arrives

T-Mobile subscribers who are still using the older Galaxy S7 and S7 edge smartphones are receiving a major update today: Android Oreo. We’ve seen the software update arrive for various Galaxy S7 handset owners throughout this year; the availability has happened slowly but steadily. T-Mobile users are now in the pipeline, some already seeing the […]


Fortnite’s mysterious Saturday event may be a rocket launch

Prepare yourself, Fortnite fans. Epic Games is up to something and no one knows for sure what will happen. At 1:30PM ET tomorrow, the popular battle royale game will experience something out of the ordinary, but the company hasn’t said what it has planned. Rumor has it the in-game rocket will be launching, but that […]


New treatment may curb cravings in drug addicts: study

Researchers with the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston have successfully developed a treatment that may reduce cravings in drug addicts. The treatment, which is simply referred to as a “therapeutic,” was tested on lab rats and found to correct a chemical imbalance that makes it harder for addicts to kick their addictions. Serotonin […]


What if Andromeda competed with Galaxy Note 9?

If the Microsoft Surface “pocketable” device Andromeda really was meant to be pocket-friendly, could it take on Galaxy Note 9? Imagine Microsoft came seemingly out of nowhere with a device as elegant and simple as the design you see above – that’s the “Andromeda” device that leaked (again) earlier today. What would Samsung do? They’d […]


Plug-&-play Alexa chip liberates Amazon assistant from the outlet

A new plug-and-play chip to give Amazon’s Alexa talents to anything with a speaker could also help cut the cord to new smart speakers. Currently, Amazon only offers a single completely wireless Alexa-powered speaker, the Amazon Tap. All of the other Echo speakers demand to be perpetually plugged into power. Third-party battery accessories have sprung […]


Chat bot opens door to Ticketmaster payment card hack

Online ticket sales firm Ticketmaster on Wednesday revealed a breach that exposed payment card data of tens of thousands of customers in the UK and Australia.  At the heart of the breach was a chat bot service that Ticketmaster integrated into its payment page from its third-party supplier, Inbenta.  The partners are now laying blame […]


Media looks for meaning in John Campbell career move

John Campbell joined RNZ determined to lure TV viewers to Checkpoint. Three years later he’s heading back to TV – and leaving media pondering precisely why.   Photo: RNZ The career choices of household name TV presenters are always big news for the media, but sometimes they struggle to get the perspective right. Newshub at […]