Boost business security by getting employees to Stay Smart Online

Credit: Illustration 107056040 © Aleksandr Andrushkiv –

Businesses and consumers must learn to fight back against cybercriminals that remain as eager to steal their identities as ever, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) warned in kicking off the latest annual Stay Smart Online week.

Identity security can be dramatically improved, the organisation advised in promoting its theme of ‘Reverse the Threat’, through simple steps such as learning how to pick and ignore scam messages; setting social-media accounts to private so as to restrict the availability of personal information; and creating better passwords, which can be smoothly managed using any of a range of password managers.

Better consumers habits would provide follow-on benefits for the businesses where they work – which, recent figures confirm, are still struggling to normalise good security practices.

The average Australian employee is managing 66 different passwords, LogMeIn noted in its latest Global Password Security Report – which also noted that larger companies have an average of 25 passwords.

Businesses have been embracing multi factor authentication, the survey found, with Australian use of the technology increasing from 6 percent to 29 percent of businesses over the last months – a better figure that LastPass partly attributes to Australia’s notifiable data breaches (NDB) scheme, but still well behind the 57 percent figure globally.