Businesses have different expectations from nbn than homes do; here’s how business nbn™ is helping to meet them

More than half a million Australian businesses are already connected to the nbn™ broadband access network, but with mandatory disconnection of many old services now imminent, most businesses need to have a plan for their migration – and a team of specialists to help make it happen.*

Yet not every business or retail service provider has a team of telecommunications specialists waiting to be called on when issues arise. Others may have the right staff, but require a higher level of service to help ensure that issues can be dealt with quickly.

Recognising that the nbn™ access network rollout will test businesses in myriad ways, business nbn™ has implemented a number of significant changes designed to ensure that businesses have access to the technical capabilities and service options they need, both during and after their migration.

Keeping the lights on

Data connectivity has become so critical to businesses’ everyday functioning that the Standard Service Level Agreement (Standard SLA) that nbn™ offers to service providers may not be adequate for all business environments when each hour of downtime means lost revenues.

To help minimise the potential impact of any service interruption, business nbn™ offers a range of enhanced Service Level Agreements (eSLAs) to service providers that help service providers remedy issues within much shorter periods than the Standard SLA provides.

Eight different business assurance eSLAs offer different combinations of operational periods – including extended support times that run from 7am to 9pm, or 24×7 – and rectification times as short as 4 hours.˃

“Our business end-customers have been asking us to react a lot faster than the Standard SLA”, explains Martina McConigley, general manager for business service delivery with nbn Australia.