Chrome 70 arrives with fingerprint login for websites, extension controls, and 23 security fixes

Google has released Chrome 70, which addresses several high severity security issues, and brings new support for logging in using a devices fingerprint reader. 

Google didn’t announce a new Pixelbook with the rumored addition of a fingerprint reader, but the it did launch the Pixel Slate, which has a fingerprint reader built into the power button, making it the first Chrome OS device that allows users to unlock the device with a fingerprint. 

Chrome 70, launched today, builds on Chrome support for the industry-wide Web Authentication standard, which is designed to let browser users sign into websites and web applications using a fingerprint or face scanned by a device’s biometric sensors. It also supports Bluetooth keys, such as Google’s Titan keys.  

Chrome 70 is the first version of Chrome that by default allows users to sign in to a site via a MacBook Pro’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor and fingerprint sensors on an Android device. 

Google hasn’t detailed what Chrome support for Web Authentication is available for the Chrome OS Pixel Slate, though it’s unlikely it wouldn’t be supported in some way.  The Pixel Slate has a built-in Google Titan chip and Web Authentication supports security keys like Google’s Titan keys, which come in a variant that connects via USB and another that connects via Bluetooth.