Cisco Live!: Privacy engineering turns data collection into data curation

Credit: Snapped by Braue at the scene

Businesses struggling to understand their privacy exposure and obligations need to adopt a customer-focused ‘privacy engineering’ approach that curates accumulated data not as a technological achievement but as a business asset, the chief privacy officer of Cisco has advised.

Improving technological capabilities had led many companies to stockpile all kinds of data, Cisco vice president and chief privacy officer told attendees at the Cybersecurity Innovation Day at this week’s Cisco Live! conference in Melbourne.

Yet that accumulation of data had created common issues around managing that data and its use. “For years we had been told that we can stockpile data,” Dennedy explained.

“But now I believe we all have a data problem, I believe we all have a curation problem, and I believe we’re all looking for tools. Now that ‘we can’ with technology, ‘what do we want’ is the future of technology.”

That created problems for companies that had spent so much time focused on accumulating data that they had often not stopped to consider what they were doing with it.