CSO Roadshow 2018: Australia’s cyber talent can secure ALL the things

Australians may not realise it but we are at the forefront on cybersecurity research and development. If you visit Silicon Valley, you’re likely to hear an Australian accent before an American one. That’s where AustCyber’s CEO Michelle Price started when talking about the security of everything during the opening keynote of the CSO Roadshow. 

We’re now at a transition point, Price said, where we are recognising the breadth of reach that cybersecurity has in our businesses and the economy. 

“Cybersecurity, which we’re rapidly referring to as cyber-resilience, is one of the few true horizontals in the economy”.

It cuts across every sector to deliver economic benefit. Without it, industry can’t prosper. 

Price noted that 96% of the Australian economy rests in the small to medium business sector. She described this as Australia’s “sleeper advantage”. As we are engaging in more digital transformation we are becoming more agile. And the small business sector is best placed to take advantage of these changes. But there is a challenge.