CSO Roadshow 2018: We can secure all the things

This year’s CSO Roadshow was themed around the security of things. And while, to some, it may seem like a hopeless case to try and secure everything, there was an atmosphere of optimism as people at the event looked to find ways to deal with what lies before us.

With a wide range of different views, with representatives from government, enterprise and small, medium and large businesses across all industry sectors, the event, played out in three cities across Australia left and no stone unturned as people looked for ways to not just secure their own corporate environments but enhance the nation’s cybersecurity posture.

Standards and frameworks 

It’s often said, in the security industry, that compliance s the enemy of security. There’s a perception that once a company believes they have achieved compliance with a standard that they are secure. But the discussions over the roadshow moved forward from that perspective.

Standards are a way of bringing attention to an issue and establishing a minimum standard. When used properly, many attendees noted they could act in the same way as occupational health and standards (OH&S) did to help embed a security culture into companies. And, as some people noted, once the costs of OH&S were accepted, businesses realised there were measurable benefits to not only complying but exceeding standards.