Ease-of-use makes Deakin University’s ‘smarter SIEM’ as valuable for cybersecurity students as for SOC staff

Credit: ID 127462792 © Nattapon Kongbunmee |

An investment in a cybersecurity monitoring and correlation engine is paying back twofold for Victoria’s Deakin University, which is using the platform both to monitor its internal networks and to give cybersecurity students a live network monitoring platform to learn on.

Deakin’s purchase of the Exabeam Security Management Platform – which the vendor bills as a platform for ‘smarter SIEM, UEBA and SOAR’ – has transformed its network-monitoring capabilities in the six months since it went live, the university’s director for cybersecurity research and innovation Damien Manuel told CSO Australia.

With around 50,000 people connected to “very dynamic” network environments at the university’s three campuses at any given time, he explained, Deakin cybersecurity staff were struggling to keep up with the threat profile.

“We had to use traditional tools, which made it intensive to go through and find the threats. Having this in place helps us streamline a lot of that. It allows us to automate that analysis of the information, bringing attention to elements that should be further investigated. It really helps us understand user and asset behaviour, and to see things we hadn’t seen before.”

Turning better visibility into better training