Five Eyes intelligence alliance commits to securing the Internet of Things with Industry

Credit: ID 70369086 © Chaowalit Koetchuea |

The Internet of Things Alliance Australia (IoTAA) recently welcomed the Five Eyes (FVEY) Statement of Intent regarding the security of the Internet of Things as a positive step towards improving IoT security for businesses and consumers.

The Five Eyes intelligence alliance, which comprises of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States acknowledged the twin realities that network connected devices, systems and services comprising IoT create both immense opportunities and benefits for our society, and that many of these devices lack basic security features that pose serious consequences for individuals, economies and nations.

The statement of intent recognises that IoT security is a global threat and cannot be addressed by any single manufacturer or government. It requires a collaborative effort by all stakeholders to ensure that security and safety is a routine design feature, not a plug in, or afterthought.

IoTAA members have long held the belief that cooperation globally with fellow industry alliances and governments is critical to effectively addressing security, and we look forward to this next exciting phase of continuing to improve IoT security for Australia, and the world.

For years now there have been a plethora of reports around IoT device security being compromised, affecting user privacy and safety.