Google Chrome password study: 25% users ignored a breached password alert

Credit: Dreamstime

A quarter of users don’t change their passwords, even if they are told that the password they’re using for an account has been compromised, according to a Google study. 

Google has released the results of its study into password behavior derived from data it collected from 670,000 users who’d installed its Chrome extension, Password Checkup, and logged into websites 21 million times. 

Google launched the Password Checkup Chrome extension last February, offering a different take on popular services like Haveibeenpwned, which users can check to see if their credentials were exposed in a password database breach.

Password Checkup on Chrome may intervene when users sign in to a site if the username and password used matches one of roughly 4 billion credentials that Google has collected from publicly known password breaches.  

Google has now revealed in a study some alarming yet not surprising statistics about how users approach passwords.