iOS jailbreaks now worth $2m as WhatsApp and iMessage exploits hit $1m

Exploit broker Zerodium has doubled some rewards for exploits affecting popular operating systems and messaging platforms. 

Zerodium is in the business of buying software exploits and selling them to buyers, which could be government agencies interested in acquiring data on persons of interest. 

Based in Washington DC, Zerodium markets itself as paying higher rewards than any other organization, offering far more to researchers who might otherwise report flaws they find to bug bounty programs run by Google, Microsoft, and Apple, which would aim to patch them. 

The company has always placed the highest value on iOS exploits, in 2016 setting the price for a jailbreak at $1.5 million, up from $500,000 a year prior. 

Today, Zerodium said it will pay $2 million for a remote iOS jailbreak that can be achieved without user interaction and survive a reboot. That’s ten times more than Apple currently offers for an exploit affecting secure boot components of iOS firmware.