Olympic Destroyer destructive malware targets EU bio-weapons research groups

Kaspersky Labs is warning all European bio-chemical threat prevention organizations to bolster cybersecurity after finding the malware that disrupted IT systems at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics is now being aimed at European organizations.   

Olympic Destroyer, the malware that knocked out South Korea’s Winter Olympic website and wifi at the PyeongChang stadium, has returned with new European targets in sight. 

The malware steals credentials from browsers and Windows systems, which are then used to automatically spread across networks and destroy infected PCs. 

The malware was noted for its skillful use of misleading clues that left different researchers pointing the finger at state-backed hackers from Russia, North Korea, and China. 

Kaspersky researchers however said there was enough evidence to rule out North Korea’s Lazarus hacking group, despite clues pointing to the group.