Project Fi family plans now allow kids under 13

Google has announced that Project Fi customers can now add children under the age of 13 to a group plan, expanding the service’s usefulness for families. The company is also offering controls for parents to monitor their child’s data use, including seeing how much data they’re using and also control how much they can use their smartphone.

Google announced the change today, saying young children can be added to a group plan on Project Fi via a Google Account that is managed with Family Link. Once added, parents will get alerts about data use and will have access to a data breakdown that shows how much data each person has used during the billing cycle.

Project Fi’s Family Link app, which is free, also enables parents to manage their child’s digital activities, including setting a limit for how much time they can spend on their phone. Through this link, users can remotely lock the kid’s phone, apply content filters for Google Search, Chrome, and other Google services, set the hours for when the child will be in bed (therefore blocking phone use), and more.

Project Fi is an MVNO service that costs $60/month for unlimited data for a single subscriber. Plans are available for up to six people, the cost of that one coming in at $180/month for unlimited data. Though customers can bring their own phones, Project Fi only supports certain handsets, including the new Moto G6.

SOURCE: Google Blog

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