SimBad adware apps downloaded from Google Play nearly 150 million times

Credit: ID 118943519 © Mykyta Dolmatov |

Android users who’ve downloaded at least one of 210 hugely popular apps may have exposed their smartphones to adware that could become a much larger problem in the future. 

Researchers at Israeli cyber security firm Check Point have blown the whistle on a dodgy software development kit (SDK) that rendered hundreds of popular Android apps a threat to their users. 

Google has now removed the malicious apps from the Google Play app store but only after potentially millions of devices were infected. 

The SDK, a malicious advertising platform dubbed ‘RXDrioder’, allows apps that use it to receive harmful instructions form the domain      

Developers of the 210 affected apps most likely victims of the SDK as are the millions of users who installed the apps, which are mostly simulator games like “Snow Heavy Excavator Simulator”, an app with 10 million installs from Google Play.