Small businesses face “devastating” consequences from breaches every day: expert

Watching one small business after another get destroyed by cybersecurity breaches motivated the creation of a security management portal specifically for small businesses, the head of security consultancy Enex Carbon said as the Melbourne-based firm took the wraps off of its new CarbonCore small-business cybersecurity solution this week.

“We have been involved from a professional-services perspective when these businesses get impacted by cybersecurity,” CEO Mark Jones told an audience that included Victorian minister for small business, innovation and trade Philip Dalidakis and AustCyber CEO Michelle Price.

“It’s devastating to see what happens to a company when they have to shut their doors a few days after a ransomware attack, or when they have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because someone has infiltrated their network or has fraud going to the CEO. There are countless stories, and we don’t hear probably 98 percent of them.”

Reducing the small-business toll

CarbonCore has been positioned at a flat price and clear deliverables in an effort to assist small businesses whose owners are generally so busy running their companies that they have no time to master cybersecurity policy and practice.