The week in security: Keeping up with the hackers

Credit: ID 111205478 © Sergeypykhonin |

Less than a third of organisations believe they can effectively deal with a new cybersecurity threat within a month, according to new research that highlights the continued vulnerability of today’s businesses in the context of escalating cybersecurity threats.

Many of those threats are own goals, such as the revelation that an Amazon video doorbell has been broadcasting home Wi-Fi passwords without encryption.

Still other threats are internal, with hackers exploiting employees’ credentials for a range of activities – but EDR tools offer much better visibility of suspicious behaviour that can help security staff pinpoint a potential network breach much faster.

The tools are there – and new additions like AI and machine learning offer some promise – but many CSOs continue to fight an unspoken internal resistance to change that is compromising their efforts to bolster security.

Just look educational environments, where sheer complexity is making them high-value, low-risk targets for cyberattackers.