The week in security: Time to review your organisation’s cyber risk profile

Even as a review suggested most European companies are failing to meet their GDPR obligations, security and insurance vendors were offering new methods for evaluating and managing your organisation’s cybersecurity risk.

The ASX100 companies might want to be more diligent in evaluating their risk, given an audit that suggests most large Australian companies still aren’t progressing with the implementation of DMARC anti-fraud technology.

The US NIST offered 17 reasons why it can’t certify or trust Internet of Things (IoT) devices – specifically that it doesn’t have a system for certifying them.

Security firms were warning about a ‘cold boot’ attack that can open your laptop to exploitation by hackers in just a few minutes.

Also new to the threat matrix was Xbash, which introduces a new breed of cryptocurrency attack that can’t be good for potential victims.