The week in security: With breaches soaring, is cybersecurity just minutes to midnight?

Credit: ID 131225312 © John Albert |

Over 59,000 GDPR breaches have been recorded since the legislation became active in May, but there have only been 91 fines handed down – leading some to wonder whether regulators simply can’t keep up.

Australia’s record of breaches was also continuing, with the last quarter of 2018 delivering more breaches than ever.

The numbers around cybersecurity compromise are only getting bigger and the risks more severe – leading to suggestions the cybersecurity climate should be factored into decisions about where to set the cold war-era Doomsday Clock.

Scammers were taking a novel approach to email fraud by capitalising on peculiarities of Google’s email-addressing scheme.

A strategic partnership between the security industry peak body the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) and the government’s Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) was looking set to bulk up Australia’s regional reputation for security excellence.