US government shutdown: List of .gov websites “not secure” grows to over 130

Credit: ID 51838409 © Mopic |

There are now more than 130 .gov websites marked in browser address bars as “insecure” because expired digital certificates that haven’t been renewed by employees who’ve been furloughed during the US government shutdown, which is now entering its 27th day.      

The number of government sites with expired certificates is up from 80 reported by Netcraft at the beginning of last week

The expired Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates mean that some sites can’t be reached at all by visitors using Chrome and Firefox due to the site’s strict transport security policies. 

Websites affected by non-renewed certificates include the US government portal for manufacturing,, two Federal Aviation Authority websites, a National Archives customer portal, the FFIEC Financial Institutions Examination Council) Anti-Money Laundering Infobase, numerous Department of Agriculture sites, and some government remote access services. 

These join sites with expired certificates from NASA, The US Department of Justice, and the Court of Appeals.